February 24, 2019

Video – Candlestick Charting Market Update 4/23/2011

Candlestick Charting VideoMarket volatility has been the theme during the past two weeks with surprise news announcements and prices moving up and down in a trading range as we approach market highs. I produced this video to demonstrate how the Candlestick Trading for Maximum Profits trading system has fared during the past two weeks and to highlight some of the trades our method of trading candlestick reversal patterns picked out for us. Yes, it’s been volatile but for a swing trader but that usually means the opportunity for profits as long as the trader is willing to keep watch! [Read more…]

Video – Entering Trends With Candlesticks

Candlestick Charting VideoIt’s no secret that candlesticks and candlestick charting have become synonymous with finding and trading trend reversals. Much of the information currently available in books, courses and on websites highlight the ability of candlestick reversal patterns to give signals to traders of a possible change in trend direction. However, if your using candlesticks simply to find trend reversals you are really missing the boat! [Read more…]

Video – Selling Short With Candlesticks

Candlestick Charting VideoOver the past few weeks the market has become decidedly bearish due to many factors. It seems that current world events have traders leaving the markets at least for awhile. Since we have been in such a bullish market in recent months I thought it timely to produce a video highlighting how we safely enter a short trade. When a sustained trend begins to reverse it does not do so easily. Many invalid candlestick signals present themselves as buyers and sellers battle it out for control. If you’ve spent much time on this website you know that Candlestick Trading for Maximum profits is about filtering out these invalid signals.

Candlestick charting is a very profitable and reliable form of price action analysis but it has to be applied with a little common sense! The following video illustrates just that, how to use a little common sense when using candlestick charts and looking for short entries. [Read more…]